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Practicing in Las Vegas NV since 2001

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Board Certified M.D. Call (702)-220-8001. Las Vegas Physicians and Las Vegas
Doctors providing exceptional Primary Care in Las Vegas and Walk in Clinic &
Medical Clinic services since 2001 in Las Vegas, NV.
Doctors in Las Vegas NV providing all Health Care Services in the Medical Clinic and Medical Center, located at Las Vegas NV.
Our Medical Clinic and Medical Center location is just,
OFF the Free Way on US95 N - opposite Santa Fe Station Casino,in the Rancho Santa Fe Business park

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Covering Las Vegas, NV metro regions, Northwest Las Vegas, Centennial Hills Las Vegas, Summerlin Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, NV regions.

We take Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Amerigroup, Silver Summit, HPN Medicaid, Smart Choice, UMR, Culinary, Teachers, and much more

Our Primary care Doctors, accept most insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid. Las Vegas Doctors and Physicians accept Aetna, United HealthCare, Teachers Health Trust, UMR, Teamsters, Beech Street, Culinary, Silver Summit Healthplan, Sierra Choice and Sierra HealthCare, Cigna, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, Casino insurances, Coventry Health Care, Teamsters Local 14, Teamsters Local 631, Teamsters Local 995, UFCW Local 711, Amerigroup, Direct Care, Nevada Health Co-op HPN-Medicaid Union Health, MGM Resorts, Operating engineers Healthcare and Welfare fund and much more.

Physicians in Las Vegas Our Primary care Physicians, accept Walk ins, also appointments provided within short time - 24 hrs, to accommodate medical needs.
Urgent Care Las Vegas Urgent Care in Las Vegas, Walk in Clinic, accepts walk in patients, to address your non-life threatening medical emergencies. We also provide Primarycare clinic services. Our

Doctors in Las Vegas, Physicians in Las Vegas, practicing in Las Vegas, since 2001.

Canyon Medical Center. Las Vegas Urgent Care and Urgent Care Doctors.
Primary Care Las Vegas Our Primary Care Providers and Medical Care Services will provide you with complete Medical Care, for your Health and Well being.

You should make us, your Medical Home, so that your entire health is looked after and cared for. Las Vegas Doctors and Physicians serving the Las Vegas, NV metropolitan area and also the North Las Vegas, NV metro area.

All your Primary Care and Annual Health Physical Exams will be done under one roof in our Primary Care Doctors Office and your entire Health and Well Being is looked after. This will eliminate, unnecessary tests and repetition of Health Exams & Tests done by visits to multiple doctors which accounts for large portion of the Health Care costs wasted, as per recent Health Care researches.

Las Vegas Medical Clinic Las Vegas Medical Center For non-life threatening urgent care and urgent medical needs, ER is not the solution, given its long wait times and very high expense.
Instead Call (702)-220-8001 (or) Walk In to our Urgent Care Clinic & Urgent Care Center, to get immediate relief and our Dr Las Vegas NV, will provide you with excellent care and also follow you with continued medical care as your primary doctors and family doctors. Las Vegas Doctors and Physicians location and proximity to Summerlin, Las Vegas and Centennial Hills Las Vegas region gives convenience for easy access off the Free Way US 95 N, in the North Las Vegas and Northwest Las Vegas regions.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine
Completed his residency in Internal Medicine from George Washington Universtiy, Washington D.C. Doctors / Physicians Practicing in Las Vegas area since 2001.

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